The Meanings of Garnet: The Birthstone of January

Capricorn is the zodiac sign that takes up the majority of January. If you have a Capricorn in your life, you know that he or she is responsible, has great self control, and is disciplined. Capricorns love family and tradition and enjoy the simple practicalities in life. You may be wondering what to get for a Capricorn for his or her birthday and might even be wondering what’s the birthstone for January? Having knowledge of the January birthstone might help you make the choice of buying unique birthstone jewellery for the special Capricorn you know.

The Jewellery Birthstone for January

The garnet stone is the January birthstone. Garnets are most commonly red in color but can even be seen in yellows, greens, and, more rarely, shades of blue. Symbolically speaking, the January birthstone meaning is truth, faith, and safety, especially in travel. Some even believe that garnet helps to ward off nightmares and that it can bring good fortune. Historically in Asia, bullets used to be made with garnet. They believed that if an enemy was shot with a garnet bullet, he or she would bleed more heavily.

The January birthstone garnet was also believed to bring its wearers good health and cures and protection from disease. This belief goes back to ancient times. They believed that red stones and garnet in particular actually had antiinflammatory properties and could help you exert yourself when you wore it. Aside from physical health, it was also thought to offer help mentally as well. Garnet’s connection with faith and truth was also thought to be paired with increased self-esteem and even loyalty.

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