Monogramming Initials: A Jewellery Guide

a monogram ring

Monogramming initials on a piece of jewellery makes it uniquely yours. The piece is one hundred percent personalised because the letters represent your name or even your kids’ names. A monogrammed necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring, or other piece of jewellery is sentimental and sure to be a favorite piece to wear for years to come.

How to Monogram Your Jewellery

Typically monogramming is set up with your first initial all the way to the left; your last initial in the center, typically slightly larger or brought to the forefront; and your middle initial all the way to the right. If you are choosing to monogram a piece of jewellery to celebrate your children for an event such as Mother’s Day, each child’s first initial could go on the left or right side respectively while the family last name initial goes in the center. If you have more than two children, each of the three slots typical in monogrammed jewellery can have a child’s first initial.

Personalizing Jewellery for the Holidays

If you’re looking for something special to give as a gift this year, consider monogram gifts for the holidays. What’s great about monogrammed jewellery is that it’s a highly personal, thoughtful gift and it goes with absolutely everything. Most monogrammed jewellery is just simple metal pieces. Often, they are silver, gold, or rose gold so you’re sure to find something for everyone, no matter his or her taste. If these designs seem a bit too plain for the bold personality you’re buying for, plenty of jewellery can be monogrammed so it’s pretty likely that you’ll find a piece to fit your needs.

Additionally, monogramming is timeless. Fashion trends come and go but a person’s initials always stay the same. What is currently in style may not be next year; however, a simple monogrammed piece is not only classy but also doesn’t lose its value in the fashion world. There’s a level of sentimentality to it that always makes it relevant and beautiful. It goes with everything and will bring a smile every time it’s worn.

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